Hairstyles How To: Ellen Pompeo's People's Choice Awards Hair

Ellen Pompeo modeled sleek sophistication at the People’s Choice Awards with hair styled by Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist, Andy LeCompte.

LeCompte shares how he created this hairstyle to complement Ellen’s elegant, yet understated ensemble.

1. Start with clean freshly washed and conditioned hair, using Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner, to ensure hair is in perfect condition.

2. Roughly dry the hair using your hands. Then create a low side parting and section off the hair from the parting to the crown.

3. Evenly distribute Wella Professionals Flowing Form Smoothing Balm, then section off hair and blow dry each section perfectly straight using a large round brush to create a smooth sleek finish. Apply tension with the brush at the roots and loosen the tension as you dry to the ends of the hair.

4. Once this section is dry and smooth, sweep the hair down low over the forehead and secure behind the ear with a pin.

5. Pull some of the hair forward over the ear to give a less polished feel to the look.

6. Pull the hair on both sides towards the back of the head and twist into a rope – spray with Wella Professionals Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray – this adds texture but also protects the hair - then while holding the hair in a tight twisted rope, apply heat with a diffuser till the hair is dry.

7. Once the rope of hair is released, the hair will have a natural tousled effect to it. Smooth hair with flat iron as needed and 1-2 sprays of Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight Spray from at least one foot above the head for a light mist to add shine.

·Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner
·Wella Professionals Flowing Form Smoothing Balm
·Wella Professionals Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray
·Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight Spray

[Image: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images]


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