Flapper-HappyHair maestro Danilo “waves hello” to marcel curls at Baby Phat with the help of Linea Pro.

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Designer: Baby Phat

Products: Linea Pro

She’s sultry, sexy and not afraid to flaunt her garter belts for all to see. As she puckers her heart-shaped Clara Bow-esque lips in a provocative air kiss, you’re sucked in: She’s a hip-hop flapper with a lingering air of fabulousness that her maker, Baby Phat creative director Kimora Lee Simmons, champions on a daily basis. Bedecked in beaded, deco-inspired wares or cheek-baring hot pants, this retro-glam gal walks the walk. But does her beauty talk the talk?

Her beauty speaks volumes, if hairstylist extraordinaire Danilo has anything to say. Wielding an überfab $600 Linea Pro Titanium Flat Iron coated in glistening Swarovski crystals, he carefully coils a model’s stick-straight locks into curlicious heaven. “Our inspiration is all about the ’20s marcel fingerwave details,” he says, casually pointing toward a storyboard plastered with clipped images of yesteryear’s flappers and today’s past-perfect beauties. “Right now I’m working on a little of the Claudette Colbert influence, which is beautiful straight bangs with a clean center part. I’ve waved all the hair, and now I’m combing it all out and gathering it under for a faux-bob effect. And I’m doing all of the curls with a flat iron!” Danilo adds that the Linea Pro iron is the perfect tool for crafting backstage styles in a jiff. “It leaves hair smoother and silky looking,” he muses while deftly putting the finishing touches on his Colbert muse.

As the girls line up to storm the runway, each flapper-happy babe boasts a different take on Marcel Grateau’s iconic fingerwave. The gals sporting tightly shorn locks exude unparalleled confidence with gelled zigzags winding down the middle of their foreheads, and the old-school dames, whose glossed waves sway and swell to one side, look ready as ever to captivate a waiting audience.

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