Punk'dLive free with wild haircolor—or dye trying!

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TRENT ALERT: Bright Hues!

Designers: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Luella Bartley, Diesel, Rodarte

OK, dyehards, this spring is your season. Neon-bright haircolor punks the runways at such quirky design labels as Anna Sui, Diesel and Rodarte, and the daring hue trend promises to inspire you to annihilate dull, drab haircolor during the sunny months. At Anna Sui, jolts of kicky color inject follicles with punk-rock attitude, while the beauties at Diesel flaunt razor-cut wigs brimming with bold sepia tones and serious shine. Guido Palau for Redken dusts massive, frizzed-out manes with clownish pink at Marc by Marc Jacobs, and clips a shock of electric blue fringe front and center at Luella Bartley. Awesome cartoon color bleeds through blunt-cut ponytails at Rodarte, where “Punk Ballerinas” hold court.

Working with Aveda, Odile Gilbert masterminded this hue-tiful ’do, and gives props to this color-bending trend, saying, “This is a fun time to experiment with color,” adding, “Extensions require less of a commitment than tipping or dyeing hair. This is a more modern, more wearable version of a punk-inspired look.” Minus the mohawk and liberty spikes, of course!


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