Bye-Bye Brows

Bye-Bye Brows

We zero in on the barely-there brow trend.

Zero brows? They're the editorial look du jour. Yet, be forewarned: "The face will lose some expression and definition without the eyebrows," notes eyebrow expert Landy Dean of Marie Robinson Salon in NYC. However, there are benefits to not going "zero" and rather going "one to two." Dean explains, "Lightening the brows a shade or two can soften the expression and draw attention to the eyes if the natural brow is too prominent, the hair on the head is noticeably lighter, or you have gone from brunette to blonde." So, strangely enough, this trend does have legs with some ladies. But, he warns, once you lighten beyond two levels, you may find unnatural orange and brassy tones alight—the kiss of death for bleached brows.

Pictured above: At Bottega Veneta, model Chanel Iman's brows are lifted beyond two levels, resulting in awkward orange. (Photo: Andreea Angelescu)

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