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Launchpad goes behind the scenes of Bosley Pro’s first collection, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

http://bosleypro.com" target="_blank">Bosley Professional Strength Dean Banowetz is dancing to the sounds of Cyndi Lauper in his living room cum outdoor patio as the Dean Team preps models blonde Janelle, long-haired Monica and brunette Lily. “I wanted this to be an effortless, fun shoot day,” Banowetz grins. “No stress, no drama. I don’t like stress days.”

elinda Dahl

Indeed, the buoyancy and bop that the ’80s were known for seems to have found new life in 2010 Los Angeles. “I’m kind of reliving my high school years in this shoot,” reveals Banowetz, who graduated in 1985. “I’m remembering how my sisters looked when they went out on dates and I’m translating that onto the models.” But Banowetz isn’t alone in his creation; makeup artist Eric Allen as well as fashion stylists Tosh Yanez and Leilani Lacson help these looks along and photographer Melinda Dahl captures the shots. “I have a great team around me,” declares Banowetz.

es achieved? “Bosley has two products that I’m a little obsessed with: Styling Mousse and Gel,” confides Banowetz. “I cocktail them together and they make a great cream styler.” And, naturally, hairspray helped hold everything together. “The great thing about these styles is that you’re free to be able to do whatever you want to do,” laughs Banowetz. “Go big, go large, go crazy.” —Amy Dodds

eautylaunchpad.com/girls-just-wanna-have-fun" target="_blank">Art Class! Check out the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun collection in its entirety.

Extra Credit! Take a tour of even more, like, totally amazing images that didn't make it into the issue, plus the models' before photos.

Pop Quiz! Get the intel on all the products used to create the styles.


Credits: Hairstyling and concept: Dean Banowetz and the Dean Team (hollywoodhairguy.com); Photography: Melinda Dahl (dahlhouseproductions.com); Makeup: Eric Allen (dripbook.com/ericjallen); Styling: Tosh Yanez and Leilani Lascon (stylingbytosh.com); Art direction: Dev Rice/Bosley Professional Strength

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