Color Lab: Take It Up a Notch / Conserving Strength / A Touch of Frost

Color Lab 0107Introducing Wella’s übercool new brown shades, Redken’s hot copper tones and Aveda’s hair strengthener

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Take It Up a Notch

Amber: the color of cognac interspersed with copper tints and burnished bronzes. No, this doesn’t describe a work of art—but it can make your clients feel like one! The six new demi-permanent shades from Redken Shades EQ Mosaic Coppers allow you to create modern mosaic patterns for blondes, brunettes or redheads.

Inspired by New York City fashion trends, “Shades EQ Mosaic Coppers are not only ideal filler shades, but they’re also perfect for creating new fashion looks,” says George Garcia, Redken-certified haircolorist and performing artist. According to Garcia, one of the new trends for blondes showcases blocks of richer, deeper colors that accentuate distinct areas, like bronze and copper shades under bangs. And what about trends for redheads and brunettes? Shades EQ refreshes always-trendy redheads; brunette haircolor was all the rage on the fashion runways this season.

Conserving Strength

Aveda welcomes a new addition to its Color Conserve family: Strengthening Treatment. This intensive, therapeutic balm brightens and safeguards color—all while strengthening strands from the inside out. Wintergreen and cinnamon bark help protect color from fading; sunflower seed oil and sea buckthorn extract help neutralize free radicals; and Peruvian morikue protein strengthens and repairs hair.

A Touch of Frost

Warm up this winter to Wella Frosty Browns, a collection of five cool brown shades in both Koleston Perfect Permanent Crème and Color Touch Shine Enhancing color lines. The shades provide subtle color nuances with contrasting cool brown tones, revealing how opposites attract and blend with one another. The results are an iridescent, hot-and-cold mixture of natural brown tones.

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