Charity: Sandy Hook Promise and OPI Launch Sandy Hook Green at Salon-a-Thon

Sandy Hook Green is a new, limited-edition nail color created by OPI. The color is produced in partnership with Sandy Hook Promise and features the bright, bold green that has become associated with holistic solutions to stem violence.

der that survived the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her son's teacher hid her 15 students in the classroom bathroom and saved his life, and they are forever grateful to her. She had felt helpless after the events of 12/14 and felt in shock for many weeks to come, consumed by grief for good friends, community and for what could have been for her family. Their family lost some very special people, and she felt she needed to do something to help her family and community to heal. This project is something she continues to feel inspired by and driven to work on. Jennifer wants to spread the message that there is hope for our world if we all take a stand for what we believe in. Wearing Sandy Hook Green is a way to let others know what you stand for -- and to join the discussion on how to prevent further tragedies and spread the messages of love and compassion.

Dana Schicker is the mother of a first grader at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her daughter survived the tragic events of 12/14 although the family remains deeply affected by that day. They lost a dear loved one and trying to make sense of their new world has been a difficult road.
Knowing that the entire community had been touched, in some way, by that horrible day she began to have an overwhelming sense to help her family, her friends, and her community move through the grieving process and find their way to a place of healing and peace. Although they are still very much in that process, the creation of Sandy Hook Green is an inspiring way to come together as a community, show our love and support and, "help turn this tragedy into a moment of transformation."

en for Sandy Hook, and I'll do the same."  Green and white are the school colors of Sandy Hook Elementary. As Jennifer was looking at her nails, she had a moment of inspiration: what if she approached OPI to create a special green nail color for Sandy Hook, to raise awareness about the important issues and help our community heal. It could be a way for others across the nation to show their support just by wearing the color. Dana thought the idea was a good one, and so Jennifer moved forward in initiating an email to Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the Executive VP and Artistic Director of OPI Products Inc.

Within 15 minutes, Suzi responded that she would love to do something to help. Jennifer spoke with Suzi later that week and was deeply touched by her compassion and generous offer to create and donate 10,000 bottles to our community. Dana and Jennifer collaborated on the exact color and name, and Sandy Hook Green was born. The Sandy Hook Promise seemed like a natural partnership, as they support common sense solutions to ending similar acts of violence and they are an integral part of helping our community heal. This was exactly the intent behind the creation of this color. The two have worked tirelessly over the months to make this launch event a success, and are excited to be a part of the strategy to take the product to the national level. They celebrate this beautiful bold green color, and the love, hope and healing that it represents for our community, and hopefully for the world. [pagebreak]

ensure communities across the country are safer from acts of violence. The Salon-a-Thon took place at Ricci’s Salon & Spa and Academy of Cosmetology in Newtown, CT, which accepted appointments and walk-ins for a variety salon services for the entire family, which each included a free bottle of Sandy Hook Green. Sandy Hook Green was also available at the event with a $10 donation to Sandy Hook Promise. All proceeds from the event go to support Sandy Hook Promise.

Wondering how you can get a bottle of Sandy Hook Green and help support the cause?

Sandy Hook Promise is in the process of finalizing their national distribution plan, and soon you’ll be able to get a bottle of Sandy Hook Green for free, with a minimum $10 donation to Sandy Hook Promise. In the meantime, you can be added to the list to receive an update on when the color will be available by visiting Sandy Hook Promise's Contact Us page at and include your name, address, phone and email with the words "Sandy Hook Green" in the large Contact Us box. 100 % of the your donation will go toward the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation and their efforts to help the community of Sandy Hook heal and also provide aid to the family members who lost loved ones, to survivors, teachers, staff, and first responders. Donations to the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation also promote an open dialogue around the areas of gun responsibility, mental health and school safety through education, outreach and grass-roots discussion.

[Images courtesy of Griffin Schein]

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