Virginia Williams Shares Favorite Beauty Tips

Virginia Williams, star of television’s Fairly Legal and La Fresh spokesperson, works hard to maintain a healthy skin regimen. Constantly on-the-go, she has mastered the art of portable beauty. Virginia shares her favorite tips and secrets:

·I never sleep in my makeup. If I do I will DEFINITELY have at least 1 blemish the next morning. Guaranteed.

·I wear eye cream every day. I've been applying it morning and night since I was about 14.

· I try to exfoliate my face, neck and chest with an oatmeal scrub at least 3 times per week.  

· I've had pre-cancerous moles removed from my face, so I always wear an SPF lotion over my face lotion during the day. I also try to use powder, base, and cheek colors that include SPF!

· I travel all the time for my job and I hate having to check luggage. La Fresh products are conveniently packaged and TSA approved, so they can travel with me in my carry-on. I always keep La Fresh wipes with me in my purse and in my carry-on bags when I travel.  The hand sanitizer wipes are great to have on hand in airplanes.

·I recently did a big spring cleaning with my makeup. I realized my bathroom was completely overrun with makeup that I never used, primarily because I never SAW it. So, I bought a few magnetic palettes and took out all of my eye shadows and blushes from the mountains of packaging taking over the medicine cabinets. I bake the packaging at 200 degrees on a cookie tray for about 10 minutes until the glue melts and the shadows pop out more easily. Then I transfer the little pods to the magnetic backing of the bigger palette. I also got a spatula, and mashed all of my lipsticks into one handy container.  Voila. I have loads of extra storage space, and I now have all of my makeup conveniently together.  · The La Fresh waterproof eye makeup remover wipes are one of my favorite products. It's the only waterproof eye makeup remover I've ever used that doesn't pull out my lashes when I use it. It's really gentle and takes even the most stubborn eye makeup off.  

· I can't stand the look of chipped nail polish. It just looks sloppy to me. I'd much rather have no nail polish on than cracked, chipped polish, so I always keep La Fresh nail polish remover wipes with me. They're so tiny and convenient- I keep some in each purse and in the glove box of my car.  And they actually smell really good! Crazy for a nail polish remover, but they do!

· I just recently died my eyebrows for the first time and I LOVE it! I'm naturally blonde, so there are a lot of teeny little hairs that just can't be seen without dying the hair. Now my brows look thicker and fuller, and I don't even have to fill them in with a pencil.

· My hair is constantly being tugged and pulled and teased in my job. I'm a big fan of protein rich deep conditioners. At least once every couple of weeks I try to douse my head with conditioner and leave it in for an hour or so before washing it out. I'll squeeze the excess water out, then wrap my head in saran wrap and get some things done around the house. It looks a little crazy, but it works!


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