Color Lab: Dream Weaver / Sweet Treats / Bite Me! / All That Shimmers / Soy to the World

Color Lab 0208A drool-worthy new color collection from L’Oréal Professionnel, Product Club’s got bite and more.

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Dream Weaver

Let’s bring you up to speed: The Dennis Bernard Speed Weaver Comb offers you the ability to perform light, medium and heavy highlights in much less time than traditional weaving techniques. Tresses catch in the comb’s top grooves, which separate out sections of strands and make them easy to grab and foil. Bonus! An instructional, three-language (English, Spanish and French) DVD is included.

Sweet Treats

Now here’s something you can really sink your teeth into: L’Oréal Professionnel introduces its mouthwatering Gourmet Colors collection. Rich and decadent, the Majirel Chocolady has expensive tastes in haute couture—and haircolor. She desires delectable, divine shades, from creamy caramel to dark chocolate flecked with gold. Sweet as a spoonful of sugar, the LuoColor Sugarbaby is fresh, youthful and succulent. Bright and light, she fancies layered and edgy hues with just a hint of tartness.

Bite Me!

Product Club Jaws Sectioning Clips feature super-grip “teeth” and a double-spring design to securely hold even large sections of hair. Perfect for sectioning during coloring, the stainless steel springs and rivets refuse to rust when exposed to water or chemicals.

All That Shimmers

Goldilocks wants everything just right—including her haircolor. Thank goodness for Wella Touch of Gold, four new Color Touch golden shades that emit a warm, inviting, natural-looking golden glow to brown or blonde hair. Her golden tresses will radiate with a healthy, shiny, shimmering finish.

Soy to the World

Oh, the joy of soy! Clairol Professional Premium Crème has infused the multipurpose legume into its proprietary Deep-Conditioning Soy Complex, which helps smooth the hair cuticle and protect its integrity while increasing shine. Integrated into each of the 46 shades, this complex leaves tresses feeling smooth and conditioned—not to mention sparkling with high-quality color.

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