Repêchage Hosts Network Power Lunch and Goal Setting Workshop

Better business was in the air at the Repêchage headquarters this December. Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati hosted a two day event for beauty industry professionals including salon and spa business owners and skincare educators, to help better their spa business.

Monday, December 5th, 2011 – The Repêchage Network Power Lunch – Champagne Brunch kicked off the two day event. Guests were welcomed with Peach Bellini’s and a light breakfast before speakers  Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage CEO and Founder and Surgeon Dr. Jason A. Moche took the stage.
Sarfati presented “Spa by Prescription: Recreating the Spa Industry in 2012” touching base on how spa business owners should move forward into 2012. Sarfati provided tips from re-designing your spa image to the most effective and innovative skin care ingredients to how to amp-up your retail business.

Sarfati suggested that spa owners re-vamp the way they present the spa industry to the consumer. Specifically, Sarfati noted that spa business owners need to start showing clients that spa treatments are a necessity, not just a luxury. The first step in making that transition is by taking “relax” out of the spa and replacing it with “results”. Dermatologists continue to promote injectables and laser treatments to their patients promising eternal youth. Aestheticians have the tools to provide clients with clinical results through the latest skin care technologies and treatments. If we continue to talk about relaxation without results, the spa industry will become obsolete. To win over the market Sarfati says, “Enough with the fluff and dim lighting, show your clients clinical results, the starched white lab coat is back!”

She was followed by Dr. Jason A. Moche who presented “Sharing the Mirror: Cosmetic Surgery and the New Male Aesthetic”.  Dr. Moche touched on the immerging class of male clients and how to tap into this clientele in 2012. “Men comprise 9% of all cosmetic procedures” said Dr. Moche of cosmetic trends. From rhinoplasty, to eyelid surgery, to liposuction, men are becoming more and more interested in maintaining a youthful image. Dr. Moche noted that there are a number of reasons that more and more men are looking for cosmetic intervention such as romantic relationships, self esteem and advancements in their careers and the market is there for the taking.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 – Day two, Sarfati and guests attended the Hands-On Goal Setting Workshop presented by Eric R. Lewine, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Belvedere USA.  Lewine touched on ways to improve organizational and planning skills, personal development, stress management, responsibility and ways to improve efficiency.

Lewine put a major focus on business owners and employees setting “S.M.A.R.T. Goals”, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realist and Tangible. “Deliberate goal setting is the key to success,” said Lewine, “so when you are setting goals, you have to make them realistic.” The day was filled with hands-on activities, such as an exercise where attendees were asked to make something out of tin foil that represents who they are, fittingly Lydia Sarfati “The Queen of Seaweed” made herself a crown during the workshop. “This is the first year that we combined these two business building events” said Sarfati, “It is so important to me that I give business owners all of the tools they need to succeed. I know that I gained a lot from the two days and I hope the attendees did as well.”

Dr. Jason A. Moche, Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage CEO and Founder and Lauren Streeter, Repêchage Corporate Educator, with Network Power Lunch- Champagne Brunch attendees:Hands-On Goal Setting Workshop attendees:

For more information on Repêchage's education classes visit the 2012 Repêchage education calendar:

[Images courtesy of Repêchage]

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