Hair News: Partnership Helps Students Engage Online

Nuts & Bolts Training Company and The Shout Lounge have partnered together to provide students and schools with access and education to start, grow and manage their social media initiatives, helping to nurture their new career journey. Thousands of students and newly qualified hairdressers, along with the schools where they trained, will be able to access relevant and interesting content available on The Shout Lounge to enrich their own social feeds and help promote their businesses.

“Our business is all about readying young people to become the best they can be by integrating personal and business skills into their technical training. Learning to market themselves is an essential part of their education,” says Jamie Yates, VP of Operations.  “We want to help these graduates be successful in their new careers, build a business quickly, and stick with their profession for the long term. The Shout Lounge helps them learn how to utilize social media for professional growth and make it easy to be active.”

The Shout Lounge was set up by salon spa marketing specialist Linkup Marketing to close the communication gap between manufacturers and their end-consumers, while solving the very real problem for busy hair and beauty professionals of having enough content to send to their clients that is engaging, informative and educational. It also provides insight into future marketing strategies with its inbuilt analytics and reporting, which show what content generates the most engagement with end consumers as well as their salon clients.

“Marketing yourself via social networks is now crucial to the success of any business, regardless of whether it’s a 50 chair salon, multi-site enterprise or a single booth renter starting out their new career,” said Valorie Reavis, Founder of The Shout Lounge. “The problem with social media is that it’s expensive when you count all of the time and effort that goes into it managing a successful campaign, and when you are starting out as a brand new professional, that time is precious as you are working your way towards a stronger column and a more established skill set. The Shout Lounge is the perfect application to help them manage a razor sharp social media program without spending hours doing so.”


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