Hairstyles How To: Nicole Kidman's Messy Rose Bun

Anna Cantu, Farouk Systems Creative Artist, shares how to recreate Nicole Kidman's messy braided rose bun from Cannes:

1. Create texture with your CHI Orbit Styler and sprinkle BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder at roots. Set your waves in any direction since you are just building up texture.

2. Section the hair in a strong part from the left temple area to the right ear point, tease at the fringe area and begin a loose and textured braid. As you braid, you can pull pieces of the braid out to create a messy look. The more u pull the larger the braid will get. Seal the braid with a small elastic band and section away.

3. Next, section the opposite section from temple to lower nape and begin a low loose braid. Remember to pull pieces out to create texture in the braids and secure with a small elastic band, section away.

4. Now we can take the entire large section and shake some curls out and tease at the root area of the entire back section. You can use CHI Pliable polish to control some of the curls before you begin to braid.

 5. Begin to braid the entire section in the back quadrant. As you braid make sure you to start the braid loose and finish the braid clean and neat.  Secure with small elastic band. This section is your clean inner braid of the Rose.

[Image: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment]

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