Bride Guide

Paul Mitchell Future Professional Craig Russell explains how to create his "Classic" and "Fashion Forward" styles.  


Create the following beautiful bridal hairstyles: 

section on top of the crown.

4. Spray with Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray.

5. Let cool and undo.

6. Grab your 1.0 Paul Mitchell curling iron and set hair in brick lay again with a mohawk section.

7. Before curling each piece protect the hair with Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press.

8. When hair is set, spray generously with Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray.

9. Drop Hair.

10. Section out the fringe for last.

11. Sweep hair to one side softly and start twisting and pinning.

12. Pull on the twists to loosen them up to give a softer look.

13. Take the few top/side pieces and create pin curls along the top of the pins to hide the pins.

14. Lastly, take the fringe and softly twist it back and pin/spray.

15. At the end spray the hair with Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray and tame any fly aways!

Dress: Kathy Ireland by 2be; rose-cut diamond necklace: Socheec

rest of the hair to the side and create a fishtail braid

6. Slowly and carefully hold the spine of each braid and pull the sides out to create a more loose yet styled braid!

7. Finish off with Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray and a favorite pin to hide the elastic band!

Dress: Kathy Ireland by 2be; veil: Mon Cheri Bridals; barrette: Elva Fields wood bird brooch taken from necklace

p;measuring 6in. at the face and narrowing to 3 in. at the post low crown.  Pull remaining hair back into an offset ponytail at the rear of your working section.

3. Lightly re-dampen your working section.  Use on base round brush technique on your working section in ½ in. slices (you can use slightly larger sections for fine or less dense hair and should use smaller for course for dense hair) and set in 1 in. to 2 in. Velcro curlers. Pin inside the curl closest to the scalp with single prong flat pins. Continue set through remaining hair.   Spray each section with Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight spray before setting in curlers to maximize hold and shape. Allow hair to cool and recover from mechanical tooling.

4. While your curler set is in place, work your remaining hair into an offset ponytail directly behind the curled section. Use Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight to help reduce loose hairs and create a clean canvas as you comb back your sections. Create a chignon in place of the ponytail and pin in a hair net of similar hair color at the apex of your restraining band.  Extend the hairnet the with and length of the ponytail.  Roll and pin securely to the nape.

5. Let down your curl set. Gently brush out with the Paul Mitchell 413 brush. Using the Paul Mitchell 1.0 curling iron massage the each wave of your working section with a back and forth movement while leaving the iron open to set your curl.

6. Manipulate your working section to your desired look.  Finish with Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight hairspray.

Dress: Mon Cheri Bridals; rose-cut diamond earrings: Socheec

into a standard 4 sectioning pattern off the natural part (or part you wish to use for your look). Working from the back left or right, section out a horizontal ¼ in. slice.

3. Take ¼ in. sections out of your slice, spray with Paul Mitchell Soft Spray and curl towards the face around your pin iron starting with the iron vertical to the floor and closest to the scalp. Continue this from center back thru to the face. Repeat on other side.

4. Gently separate each curl by hand. Take a section across the nape from low occipital down and gently rouge with your Paul Mitchell 413 brush. Roll section underneath and pin in place. Repeat this action on both sides of the head from the top of the ear to the mastoid process. You may need to repeat this process with a second horizontal section for longer hair to create your foundation.

5. Arrange the rest of your sections over your base in your desired look. Use bobby pins to lock and hold your look. Use Paul Mitchell Extra Firm Finishing Spray and your hand to sharpen and shape your contour.

Dress: Kathy Ireland by 2be; circle earrings: Socheec

irector/shoot supervisor: Alyson Osterman; art director: Penelope Merriman; assistant art director: Melody Ostil; shoot assistant: Josie Merriman

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