Modern Moments

Though fads go in and out of fashion, true beauty never goes out of style. Such was the inspiration behind Modern Moments, celeb stylist Dean Banowetz’s exclusive collection for Launchpad. “I love creating styles for professional magazines that a client would want to, and could, wear,” Banowetz beams. “The looks in this collection are each inspired by a different time period—the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. They’re just so consumer friendly and sexy!” —Amy Dodds


In this updated ’70s look, Banowetz strove for smooth volume and height at the crown. “This look is just so sultry to me,” he enthuses. “It’s wearable, sexy and fun. It’s also a good reminder that ‘when in doubt, volume it out.’ Volume is so important and it’s worth spending a little more time on.” Of course, Banowetz had a little help from a friend when styling this shoot—the soon-to-be-released InStyler Professional, which he says you can use to create smooth and curly styles.

 “When we shot this collection, headbands weren’t quite in yet—and look at them now. They’re everywhere!” Banowetz exclaims. “I think we’ll see a lot of short-duration trends, especially as more and more people follow the celebrity of the moment. As for long-term trends, it’s all about texture, texture, texture. Curls in any shape or form will be stronger than ever.”

“Here, I was inspired by the Devo/Mad Max looks of the ’80s but still wanted the finished product to be sophisticated,” Banowetz smiles. “I wanted to create something that was smooth overall, but with some clear areas of visual interest. It was fun playing with varying levels of height.”

[CREDITS: Photography: Melinda Dahl; Hair and styling: Dean Banowetz, Meagan Herrera, Cory Rotenberg, Keyonna; makeup: Eric Allen; styling: Leilani Lacson; art direction: Dev Rice]

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