Salon Digital Marketing: Social Networking Goes Beyond Science Fiction

Once they existed only in the imagination of Gene Roddenberry or Steven Speilberg, but as delegates at Goldwell's MBE (Marketing and Business Education) conference held recently in Las Vegas, NV, heard first-hand, the brave new world of communications is bringing yesterday's sci-fi fantasies right into the heart of the salon.

Remember Minority Report and how the billboards in the shopping mall identified Tom Cruise as he passed by? Remember how cool it was that Captain Kirk could talk to the Enterprise on a handheld at any time? It's all real and available to salons now.

Speaking at a packed seminar on digital marketing, Valorie Reavis of Linkup Marketing revealed to delegates how marketing is changing, with apps linked to facial recognition cameras to allow personalised marketing or geolocation technology to target clients on the go.

"How you grow your business isn't changing, but the way you go about it is," Valorie, founder of online and social media marketing company Linkup, told delegates. "Futuristic marketing is here and it involves personalised advertising, constant connectivity and going mobile beyond your pocket."

Many of the delegates took the opportunity of the conference to quiz Valorie on how to monitor, track and manage their online reputation when time was limited. Her advice was simple.

"Embracing the new world of digital marketing and being proactive online is the only way a salon can protect its brand. It's hard to keep up with everything happening online but salons need to work out a strategy and then get some support," she advised. "Cost-effective apps like The Shout Lounge that provide tailored content and monitor your brand are becoming essential for any forward-thinking salon."

[Image courtesy of Linkup Marketing]

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