Wow Brows

Zany brows peak at a clutch of fall runway shows.

Everywhere we turned, a zany brow interrupted what could be considered a rather normal beauty look. Was this turn toward club-kid-like, bigger, bolder brows a sort of backlash to last season’s zero-brow trend? Perhaps, though several designers still opted to erase brows via bleach at their shows. What we're loving about these brash brows: No matter how silly they look, they certainly come from a place of artful fun, whether painted an otherworldly hue (like the tangy tangerine at Balenciaga, seen above), drawn-in as sharp, prickly lines or brushed-up to appear out-of-control cool. Golden arches, make way for a brave new brow. —Karie L. Frost

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Want more brow-power? Take a dip into Satin Smooth’s Susan Disotto’s eyebrow waxing tips in “Wax Jobs,” and "bush-up" on the bold brow trend with tips from Boom Boom Bar’s Malynda Vigliotti in “Raising the Brow.”

(Photo: Andreea Angelescu)

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