Hair Styles Tips: Claudio Lazo's 2013 Trend Forecast

Celebrity hairdresser and owner of C The Salon in Studio City, California, Claudio Lazo shares some of his top secret hair tips and tricks for 2013!  A seasoned veteran in the beauty industry and an ambassador for Wella and Sebastian, Claudio has an uncanny knack for predicting the unexpected. This keen sense has afforded him the opportunity of recently collaborating with designers Michael Kors and Nicole Richie, among others, as key hairstylist for their recent fashion shows. Lazo sees ponytails, braids and chignons ruling the scene in 2013!

Braids will range from simple, traditional and classic to playful and messy. Claudio suggests experimenting with a classic braid, making it unruly and wild or glamming it up for special events. Starting off with a simple ponytail, you can create multiple individual braids (from 2 to 4 and more if you like) within that and interweave these to create texture. Tousling the braids will instantly give you a chic bohemian look that can easily take you from day to night. For a more ‘styled’ look, Claudio suggests, taking a large braid and wrapping it from the base to the crown and instead of “pinning” it, stitch it into place. Easy to use stitching tools will give a secure hold with little to no product and will allow the wearer to configure a myriad of non-traditional snake and zig-zag patterns or Grecian and Roman like crowns. This technique works well with the popular “Fishtail” braid.  The same advice goes for Ponytails.  From casual to high-fashion, the strategic placement of the ponytails base and the manipulation of the ‘tail’ can take you from a relaxed “spa day with the girls” to a sophisticated, futuristic and modern runway look!
With chignons, the standard tight, clean and precisioned look will give way to a more messy and windblown style in New Year. Starting with the traditional tight bun, simply pull the strands at the base with a comb or with the tips of your fingers, loosening it until you’ve achieved the texture and  wispy silhouette you desire.
Should you opt for more length or body do not be afraid to add Extensions or pieces to your hair. Using human hair is the best option as it will respond to products and tools just like your own hair.  Clip-ins are suggested if you just want to don a style for the evening and don’t want to commit to a set hair length or style. When choosing extensions, always blend them in with your natural hair color going either a shade lighter or a shade darker because it gives hair extra depth.  Also, it is imperative that you choose a texture that is close to your own. This will also aid tremendously when it comes to curling, styling and applying product because it will blend better and hold as would your natural hair. If you prefer to take the plunge with sewn in extensions, Claudio says, “less is more.” Less hair means it will blend in better and will be easier to style.

Check out Claudio Lazo's 2013 color predictions HERE!


[Images courtesy of P3R Publicity]

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