Hairstyles How To: Five Heat-Free Looks for Wet Hair from Mirza Batanovic

Who wants to spend even a moment of their sweltering summer days under the heat of a blow dryer? Not us, and probably not you! To escape that sweaty fate, check out these tips from Eufora Global Educator Mirza Batanovic, who has brainstormed five wet hair styles that need only be air-dried to look seriously stunning.


hes. Focusing on one section at a time, hold hair outward from the head and twist until it coils onto itself at the root. Secure each knot through the middle, using a bobby pin.

  • Once hair dries, undo each knot and comb out the curls with your fingers. Voila: natural-looking, beachy waves!

    ng to the back of the head, resulting in three approximately equal sections.

  • French-braid each section starting at the hairline and moving all the way to the back. Secure each braid with an elastic.
  • Once hair dries, remove the elastics and unwind the braid from ends to roots to reveal waves.
  • Spray with Beautifying Elixirs Frizz Control Finishing Spray to lend softness and shine.

    pinned hair to dry smooth and flat, while the remaining hair dries naturally; this way, you reduce volume around the face and on top while maintaining fullness elsewhere.


    to behind the ear. Then braid the hair from behind the ear down to the heads and secure with elastics.

  • Once hair dries, undo the braids and use a boar-bristle brush to fluff the hair out from ends to roots. The end result is a look that's smoother on top and transitions into textured ends.

    5. The Bun Head

    • Apply Beautifying Elixirs Control Creme from mid-shaft to ends and use a comb to detangle.
    • Grasp hair as though you're creating a high ponytail, but instead of securing with an elastic, twist the hair in circles around your finger to create a top knot. Secure with bobby pins.
    • Undo the bun and brush hair out with a soft bristle brush. Use a comb to create a steep side part above one eyebrow. Spritz on Beautifying Elixirs Frizz Control Finishing Spray to add hold and eliminate frizz.


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