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Unique hair shades are a must-do! LaKeisha Festa, 19, a recent Cosmetology student at Stewart School in Sioux Falls, SD, Festa has been sporting a look created with Joico Vera K-PAK Intensity Indigo Semi-Permanent color for six months. When asked why she chose this look she said, “My favorite color is purple. This is something different, fun and unique.” Eventually she wants to try Joico’s reds, “I am really into reds and purples!”

Joico Intensity Colors originated in 2007, with a limited variety.  According to Sara Jones, Sr. VP and GM of Joico, Joico Intensity Colors were, “introduced in conjunction with our trend collection at that time, called HI-DEF. When we launched the Color Intensities to support the HI-DEF collection, we only anticipated they would be available a short time, and then we would move on to other things… boy, were we wrong. The demand for these shades were so high, we had to bring them back, and then we just kept adding new colors.”

The colors available are: Green, Blue, Indigo, Yellow, Magenta, Clear Mixer, Red and Orange. Joico will have new shades this upcoming fall! Joico suggests three to four weeks between applications for a fresh, vibrant look. “Longevity varies depending on the hair's condition and porosity. Hair that is very porous or is pre-lightened will last longer than virgin hair. Color Intensities are also more vibrant when applied to pre-lightened hair,” says Jones.

Results can range from “subtle to all-out ‘wild’ depending on the application. We find it is not so much a matter of age or lifestyle…it is more about the fashion sense of the client,” stated Jones speaking about the typical client.

For us hairdressers, it seems like we have the most damaged hair because we change it so often. Color Intensities contain reconstructive conditioners that all Joico color has. Therefore, it conditions the hair and creates a shine at the same time!

Another interesting fact about Joico Intensity Color’s is that fading primarily depends on the porosity of the hair. Jones gives an example, “If the ends of the hair are considerably more porous and fragile than the mid-shaft and root area, the ends will fade first. The great news about Color Intensity is that it fades on tone, meaning it does not fade to reveal unattractive undertones.”

Hair color creates character and personality. Sometimes when we change our hair color, we create our identity. Thanks to the Joico Intensity Colors, we can step outside the box and into these unique hair shades! -Ashley Heiberger

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