WATCH: Kimbra's Album Release Look: Behind-the-Scenes with TIGI

Celebrating the release of her new album Vows, New Zealand musician Kimbra performed a show at a unique and unexpected venue  -a cemetery!  Kimbra rocked the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever, the cemetery where such legends as rockers Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone, director Victor Fleming and actor Rudolph Valentino are buried. Launchpad caught up with TIGI Creative Director Mitchel Wilson and TIGI Cosmetics Educator Jacquetta Sorenson to find out how they created Kimbra's gorgeous classic doll with an edge look:

How to Create Kimbra's Hollywood Album Party Hair Look:

-Prep hair with a volumizer from roots to ends and blow dry in.
-Starting from the nape of the neck, take horizontal sections and split into small square subsections.
-Using a wand or small tongs, curl the hair and pin up while hot to set into a tight curl.
-Set in this method all the way up the head, leaving the fringe out.
-Take thin horizontal section in the fringe and using the irons, curl down to create a rolled effect.
-Once hair is set and pinned up, prep extensions by spraying with water and leave in conditioner and brushing with a bristle brush or Mason Pearson until dry. Reset with the Wand.
-Take all the pins out of the hair and tease hair at the roots, sprinkle with a texture powder for hold and shape.
-Clip and pin extensions in. Kimbra is very energetic on stage so they need to be secured. Three extensions through the back, one in on either side.
-Brush out the curls at the nape and tease to form a faux bob. Pin the head for structure to sit the rest of the hair on.
-Build up the shape by brushing out the curls and spraying with Hairspray as you pin the extensions in.
-Spray with hairspray to finish.

[Images courtesy of Warner Bros. Records]

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