Celebrity Hair: Secrets from the "After Earth" set

Launchpad's Alyson Osterman-Kerr chats with After Earth Hairstylist Araxi Lindsey to get the beauty scoop on the upcoming flick!

How did you first get involved with the film?
Pierce Austin is a friend of mine. He's also Will and Jaden Smith's Hairstylist/Barber, and the Department Head for the film. He invited me aboard to style Sophie Okonedo, Zoe Kravitz, and help out with other hairstyling duties.

How did you research and plan the actors' styles?
As I read the script, I started envisioning ideas for hairstyles. I then asked M. Knight Shaymalan, Will Smith, and a few writers about the personalities of both characters. I also took into consideration what my Department Head had in mind.

What were your favorite styles to create? How did you craft these looks?
I enjoyed creating the styles for both ladies. Knowing they were pleased with my creativity warms my heart. To create beautiful waves for Zoe Kravitz, I first applied White Sands Orchids Oil. Orchids Oil allowed me to glide my flat iron across her tresses. I center-parted the hair in two sections, then took one-inch sections starting from the nape of the neck and began using my flat iron beginning at the base of the hair, slowly gliding the flat iron up and down, making waves down the hair shaft. Then I used White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold Spray. Liquid Texture put flexibility in the waves. It also prevented the waves from dropping and separating. After I waved the whole head, I brushed the waves together and used White Sands Infinity Hair Spray to seal the waves as a whole. I finished the style with White Sands Porosity The Fix, which seals the look and gives hair healthy shine.

What was your favorite memory from the set?
My favorite memory took place in Arenal, Costa Rica. Almost every day, the local snake wranglers would show the crew different types of animals and insects they captured in the rainforest. One day a wrangler caught a beautiful green frog with red eyes. Most of the crew took photos with it.

What's next for you, in terms of film work?
I recently wrapped the fifth season of Southland. For now, I'm not committed to any projects. I'm currently helping out on a TV pilot titled Delirium, starring Emma Roberts and Corey Reynolds.

Image: courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications

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