Hairstyles How To: Tips for Cutting Naturally Curly Hair

“The minute you touch naturally curly hair, it expands and starts to look frizzy and unmanageable,” says Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue. On Villa’s DVD “Curlicious, Your Guide to Mastering Naturally Curly Hair,” he shares this quick tip:

Apply Redken Curvaceous Conditioner to hands, like a lotion, and then start sectioning and cutting.  The thin coat of product helps to coat and calm the cuticle, minimizing expansion.

“It’s such a simple concept, but it makes all the difference—as does the cutting technique,” says Villa, who recommends using the Weave and Blunt technique for achieving soft movement in curly hair. See the video:

·      Apply Redken Curvaceous Condition to hands.

·      Take a section about 2.5 inches wide in the crown area and hold it up toward the ceiling.

·      Hold your shears sideways and position them so that the guiding blade is on the bottom and the thumb blade is on top.

·      Weave the guiding blade through the section (similar to a weave when highlighting) where making the cut (somewhere mid to ¾ way down the hair shaft) and close the shear. The size of the weave determines how much hair is cut: Chunkier weaves take out more hair than finer weaves. The shorter pieces of hair create a softness that supports the natural texture of the curls.

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