Celebrity Hairstyles How To: Pamela Anderson's Pinup Updo by Obliphica Professional

Obliphica Professional's John Blaine shares how to create Pamela Anderson's pinup updo hairstyle.


1. This look takes some blow-drying and a curling iron, so prepare your client's hair for the styling and heat with a treatment shampoo and conditioner. Pamela uses Obliphica Professional's Treatment Shampoo and Hair Mask, one of John's favorites.

2. Mix two drops of Obliphica Professional's Intensive Serum with your favorite volumizing product and evenly distribute throughout damp locks. This will help soften your hair while adding extra shine volume without stiffness.

3. To achieve maximum volume, flip hair upside down and blow-dry hair with a round, boar bristle brush. Twist and curl brush various ways to create a variety of waves and texture.

4. Use a two-inch thick curling iron (or straightener) to curl random two inch sections of hair. John's secret tip: Make some curls loose and some curls tight for optimal texture, volume, and chic-messiness.

5. For the up-do portion--use your creativity! Sweep about half of your locks to one side, twist into a loose bun, and use bobby pins to hold in place. John's bobby pin tip: Insert the bobby pin across the loose ends of your bun and then twist and invert the pin so it is now angled toward the center of the bun. This creates a long-lasting, fortified anchor.

6. With the second portion of your hair, create a layered "net" over and around your messy bun.

7. With any of the extra locks, loosely pin random portions to create height across the crown and sides of your head.

8. Leave a nice, loose curl to frame your face.


    LIPS: Makeup artist Dimitri James says: Achieving the light, pink lip is tricky. Apply a thin coat of yellow concealer to neutralize the lip. Next apply a light pink eyeliner, followed by Glosstick Ultra Shine Lip Color (From Skinn Cosmetics, SRP $12.50, www.skinn.com)
    SHADOW: Luxe Premier Eye Shadows (From Skinn Cosmetics, SRP $32, www.skinn.com)
    EYES: Bright Eyes-Eye Enhancing Treatment (From Skinn Cosmetics, SRP $12, www.skinn.com)


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