The Future is Now: The Gift of Donating Hair

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Donating hair for a patient with cancer is simple and rewarding. Being a cosmetology student, I have seen numerous clients come into our school to donate hair. Stewart School, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, fills a box with hair before shipping off to Pink Heart Funds in Long Beach, MS. Stewart School has been donating to Pink Heart Funds for several years. Academic Director and Senior Instructor, Jean Ann Hentges explains, “Pink Heart Funds provides cancer patients with wigs free of charge.”

Clients feel honored to be able to change lives in a positive way and play a vital role in helping cancer patients feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Stewart sees about sixty clients per month who donate their hair. Each client who donates hair receives a free haircut, as well as a thank you note from Pink Heart Funds. The length of the hair recommended is ten inches. However, anything less than that is used for fringe. They also accept gray hair, all ethnicity, chemically treated hair, and new or slightly used wigs. Pink Heart Funds “exists to inspire, encourage, and restore hope for persons affected by cancer and hair loss disorders.”

At the age of eighteen, I donated hair to Locks of Love. Four years later, I donated another ponytail to Pink Heart Funds. Why do I donate my hair? I believe donating hair for cancer victims is a gracious gift. It gives individuals the confidence when they lack self-esteem. People may be shocked at my transformations when I cut off my locks but I walk out of the salon feeling a sense of pride, confidence, and value. I will continue to grow my hair out strong and healthy for my next donation! - Ashley Heiberger

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