Runway Report: Kristian Aadnevik at London AW 2013

The Inspiration for the Hair Look

Errol Douglas’ inspiration and vision for the hair came from merging the key themes from the Kristian Aadnevik Fall 2013 collection – an almost medieval, subtly dark spirit - with the contrasting hard and soft textures in the pieces. The signature “pony” of the Household Calvary helmet was also an influence in capturing the essence of Kristian Aadnevik’s vision for the show.

“We wanted to blend with and follow through on the collection’s spirit and theme,” says Douglas. “I created a powerful pony placed high on the crown that delivers that almost regimented feel, while a femininity and softness is introduced through the luxurious shine and natural movement worked into the cascade of the tail. It’s Lady Godiva meets Trojan Warrior with two variations.” [pagebreak]

How The Look Was Created

Look 1 – The Half Godiva/Trojan Pony:

Errol Douglas explains, "I started by preparing wet hair with Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to work in hold and movement simultaneously. This is a great preparation tool for hair looks where curling irons are used. Next, I blow dried the hair with the Moroccanoil Round Brush to achieve a smoothness and hold, but overall natural and healthy-looking finish. Once the hair was dry, I lightly curled it with a large curling iron. Then I sectioned the hair off into two: The first section started just below the temple around to just below the crown at the back and the second section, left remaining, hung separately. I bound the top section into a ponytail using a hook to secure and placed just above the crown. I used a small wire piece, inserted into the pony close to the crown, to bend, shape and lift the ponytail, similar to a groomed horse’s tail, and then wrapped strips of leather to cover the elastic around the base of the pony. To build in subtle, natural texture, I lightly curled both the pony and remaining loose section, and worked in a tiny amount of Moroccanoil Treatment into the end of the pony for added condition and polish. To finish, I used Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong to set and hold the look in place while retaining that natural movement. “ [pagebreak]

Look 2 – The Full Godiva/Trojan pony:
Douglas says, "I followed all of the steps for look one, but took all the hair into one pony at step four, placing just on the crown. At step four I also used slightly more tension when binding the ponytail to encourage a subtle but not severe lift.”[pagebreak]

The Products
Moroccanoil® Treatment
Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream
Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Strong
Moroccanoil® Round Brush

[Images by Piers Macdonald Photography]

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