Hairstyles How To: Matrix COLORINSIDER

Matrix Artistic Director Daniel Roldan and Artistic Designer Dan Csicsai colored this model, who was originally a level 4 dark brown, and offer this “insider” tip: Be sure to take fine sub-sections to ensure complete saturation.

Natural Level: 4 Dark Brown
Formula A:
1 oz. /30 grams 5RR+ (5.66+) and 1 oz. 20 Volume (6%)
COLORINSIDER Oil-Cream Developer
Formula B:
1 oz. /30 grams 6RR+ (6.66+) and 1 oz. 30 Volume (9%)
COLORINSIDER Oil-Cream Developer
·         Divide the hair into quadrants.

·         Apply FORMULA A to new growth area only. Complete in all quadrants.

*INSIDER TIP: Cross check by separating the hair at the mid-lengths so as to not remove color at the scalp.

·         Immediately apply FORMULA B to mid-lengths and ends. Complete all quadrants. Total processing time is 35 minutes.

·         Rinse thoroughly. Cleanse and condition using Matrix Biolage or Total Results shampoo and conditioner.

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