Celebrity Hair Styles: Bright Ends Trend at the Teen Choice Awards

With the hottest young celebrity trendsetters in attendance each year, the Teen Choice Awards never disappoint when it comes to exciting red carpet looks. This year, two Teen Choice Awards standouts were Demi Lovato and Rebecca Black, both of whom debuted trendy bright colored locks. Replicate the looks with formulas from PRAVANA Artistic Color Director Vadre Grigsby.

Demi Lovato’s Bold Blue-Green Ends:
Demi’s bright ends fade from a teal green to a brighter blue at the tips.  To recreate Demi’s look, mix the below VIVIDS formulas and apply to dry, pre-lightened hair.

Teal – 1 ounce Silk Degrees Shine Treatment + 1 ounce VIVIDS Green + ¼ ounce VIVIDS Blue
Blue – 1 ounce Silk Degrees Shine Treatment + ¼ ounce VIVIDS Blue
*Note: Celebs tend to change their trendy bright colors often.  By using Silk Degrees Shine Treatment as the majority of your formula, you create a much more temporary version of a VIVIDS color.
Rebecca Black’s Hot Pink Ends
To achieve Rebecca’s hot pink hue, pre-lighten the pieces you would like to color to a Level 7. Mix equal parts of VIVIDS Red and VIVIDS Magenta and apply to clean, dry hair.


[Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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