Extreme Magical Makeover by IT&LY Hairfashion

International Creative Director for IT&LY Hairfashion, Pasquale Caselle created this Extreme Magical Makeover and bold transformation by creating the perfect hair color formulation and style using IT&LY's Aquarly Hair Color and Styling Products.

According to Pasquale, "At the moment I met Alina, her dark eyes popped while her existing hair color masked her olive complexion."  To correct, Pasquale wanted to create a Mediterranean look by changing her hair color to a rich espresso and styling her hair to compliment her face shape with a bold up-do. For successful makeovers, Pasquale recommends keeping a client's eye and skin tone into consideration as these are 2 key elements to consider.

To achieve, Pasquale used IT&LY's Aquarly Hair Color 4CP with 20 volume developer. Aquarly Hair Color is true to its color delivering true richness with only one tube of color.

Prior to blow drying with a large round brush, Pasquale applied a small amount of Pure Water Drops for shine and Pure Style Mousse Extra Strong concentrating on the roots for lift and volume. Next, he back combed the hair leaving the ends free and loose. He then brought all the hair up into a textured up-do securing with bobby pins. The top was smoothed with his fingers to create additional texture and height. To finish, he sprayed with Pure Definition Hair Spray and added a gold band for accent.

Before: ="summer-hair-style-high-top-knot" title="Summer Hair Style: High Top Knot">Summer Hair Style: High Top Knot 

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