April Showers Bring Hair Woes: Andre Walker’s Guide to the Best Hair for Wet Springtime Months

“Keeping hair looking great on humid, wet days is no easy task,” states Andre Walker, seven-time Emmy winning stylist to Oprah Winfrey.  “However certain styles can stand up to the elements keeping your hair looking sleek no matter what the weather brings.”

Walker shares his top four wet-weather looks and insider styling tips to achieving them:

BRAID: “A braid can withstand all elements and really helps hide frizz,” says Walker.  Try a double braid to ensure all of the hair is under control. Part the hair down the middle and French braid either side. Once the braids are completed, wrap the ends around each other, twist and pull up, securing against the head with bobby pins. This chic style will hold all day.

MESSY BUN: When hair is out of control, a messy bun is the perfect solution. Take those tousled tresses and pull them up into a high pony tail. Gather in secured hair and tie together loosely. “To add even more texture and volume to any already messy look, tease the ponytail before securing the bun,” adds Walker. The messy bun is a perfect combination of composed yet disheveled and will fare well under any weather conditions.

PONYTAIL: A sleek and smooth style can be maintained in the rain when pulled back into a ponytail. “Slicking back the hair at the crown ensures a polished look,” says Walker. To calm flyaways and frizz, use a product like Andre Walker’s Q Oil, which will smooth and add shine to the hair on the head.  Tease the ponytail itself to add texture and life.

CHIGNON: An easy style to pull off when some unexpected showers hit. To achieve a chignon fit for a ballerina, part your hair down the middle just to the crown or comb it straight back into a pony and secure it at the nape of the neck with a band to form a knot. Then separate the pony into two sections and tie them together once (like tying your shoe strings). Lastly take each section and wrap around the tie in different directions and securing with hair pins for a simple but elegant chignon. “A chignon is one of the easiest, yet most elegant styles to pull off on your own,” according to Walker.

[Image courtesy of Fox Greenberg Public Relations]

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