Transform Day Hair to Date Hair: Tips from Celebrity Stylist Andre Walker

Celebrity hair stylist Andre Walker offers his easy steps to transforming day hair to date hair...and back again!
“I’ve spent so much of my career working with talent who need ‘quick changes’ in the hair department,” explains seven-time Emmy award winning stylist to Oprah Winfrey, Andre Walker. “From those experiences I’ve devised a few easy tips and tricks for every girl to transform her look on the go.”

For Wavy Hair:
DAY: Braids are great for creating and/or defining small to medium sized curls. “Braids are relatively easy and practical, yet still stylish, so it’s a perfect daytime look,” says Andre. Massage some Andre Walker Hair Quench Essential Q Oil to damp hair before creating your braided style to help give hair hold and add shine.
DATE: Braids can take you from morning to evening by simply letting them out. Undone braids give you a lot of texture and volume for a sexy nighttime look. Once you undo the braids from the morning, you can run a wax or texture spray through the waves to give them some extra volume and hold.
WORK: For work the next morning, get polished and professional quick with a simple top bun. Take your hair and pull it up to the top of your head like you are creating a pony tail and secure with a clear elastic band. Next, wrap your ponytail around the elastic and secure it in place with bobby pins. To set the look, spray liberally with a firm hold hair spray.
For Straight Hair:
DAY: “A ponytail is a simple but sleek look that is perfect for all ages,” Andre continues. A deep conditioning hair treatment, like the Andre Walker Hair TKO Mask, at least once every other week gives hair a healthy sheen and helps restore and protect hair from heat and hair bands.
DATE: For a sweet date look, let some of the hair loose to create framing around the face, giving the look a more sexy style.
WORK: A French twist is classic, chic and professional for work the next morning. Gather hair into a ponytail between crown and nape. Without securing or anchoring the ponytail, twist the ponytail around, twice. Tuck ends into twist and secure with bobby pins. Smooth out hair by carefully brushing over the twist and securing strays with a finishing hair spray.


[Image courtesy of Fox Greenberg Public Relations]

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