Congrats to the winners of TONI&GUY's 15th Annual Photographic Awards:

Best Academy Team: Dallas (image shown on left)

Best Colour: Dalinda Arias, Hillcrest Crossing

Best Cut: Mayra Rodriguez, Hillcrest Crossing

Best Editorial: Courtney Verble, Arrowhead

Best Salon Team: Northpark

Hairdresser of the Year: Austin Finley, Hillcrest Crossing

Colorist of the Year: Dalinda Arias, Hillcrest Crossing

Best Fantasy: Marguerite Najerra, La Cantera

Best Makeup: Clarissa Pupo, Cumberland

Best Men's: Courtney Verble, Arrowhead

Best Student: Jasmine Chang, Santa Monica

Best Total Look: Austin Finley, Samantha Finley and Natalie Cole, Hillcrest Crossing

Stylist: Darian Bishop
Tech: Samantha Finley
Makeup artist: Amber Miller
Photographer: Summer Barnes

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