Face Matte

Only Hue Face MatteHit the matte with oil-blasting products that ensure  gorgeous, shine-free results.

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Out with the dew, in with the matte! A smooth, shine-free complexion tops this season’s beauty must-haves list, but you might find your clients balking at adopting the trend.

Why the reservation?  For one, a luminous glow is often associated with dewy visages; once matte, the glow falls flat. Another reason: Matte makeup can magnify wrinkles and expose dry, flaky skin.

While both protests certainly have merit, you can set your clients’ minds at ease: The newest products coupled with the correct application ensure that going matte will never leave their skin with a dull (or lined) moment.

For those who prefer liquid foundation, Mineralogie Matte Gel Base glides on evenly and stays put while affording skin an opaque, matte, full-coverage finish.

Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Prime Time primer tackles a myriad of maladies— flaky dryness, fine lines, excess oil, enlarged pores and uneven texture—while ensuring that skin is left smooth, matte and prepped for makeup application.

Oil-blotting ingredients in Sormé Fresh Start Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer promise to sop up to 10 times their weight in oil to ensure a long-lasting, shine-free finish.

ColorStrokes Matte Minerals pack a 1-2-3 punch: They act as a mattifying foundation, concealer and finishing powder, depending on how you apply them.

A gentle dusting of Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder sets makeup and eliminates shine. The colorless, light powder is similar to Asian rice powder and actually prevents unwanted dulling effects.

Choose full or sheer-to-medium coverage with matte-inducing Aveda Inner Light Dual Foundation SPF 12. The wet-or-dry formula won’t cake and works to diffuse light to enhance skin’s luminance.

Preserving skin’s natural glow while banishing shine, aloe-based von Natur The Complete Setting Powder is applied over foundation to help it set and can be used for spot-check touchups throughout the day.

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