Purple Reign

Only Hue Purple Reign 1Purple rules as the power pigment of the season.

The most royal of hues is holding court once more, but before purple cedes its crown as the couleur du jour (as will inevitably happen, fickle beautynistas), you must lead your loyal ladies through a spectrum of lavish violets, soft lavenders and sparkling grapes. No feature is left untouched by this passionate hue, although most makeup maestros prefer to focus on the eye area to add a powerful pop to all shades of peepers. 

  1. 1. Aveda Petal Essence Twilight/Geode Eye Color Duo
  2. 2. Styli-Style Purple Shock Mascara
  3. 3. FACE Atelier Grape Vine Eye Shadow
  4. 4. Being True African Violet Eye Shadow
  5. 5. Colorlab Private Label Déjà Vu Mineral Shadow
  6. 6. Pencil Me In Cosmetics Orchid Spark
  7. 7. Youngblood Cosmetics Heather Smoke Eyeshadow
  8. 8. Sormé Cosmetics Dream Long Lasting Wet & Dry Eyeshadow
  9. 9. Jane Iredale Plum Plus Cream To Powder Eye Liner
  10. 10. TIGI Bed Head Royal Highness After-Party Long Wearing Creme Eyeshadow
  11. 11. Grafton Cosmetics Polarizing Purple Eye Shadow

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