Price Fixing

Price FixesWhat are you doing to make your salon "recession-proof"?

If you do nothing to address the recession, you'll find that clients are stretching their visits from monthly to bi-monthly or longer.  With an unempoyment rate currently north of 10%, even the most affluent are cutting costs to save in the event of a catastrophe.

What are you doing to attract new clients, the lifeblood of your business?

With the high cost of styling, haircuts and color services, many first-time clients are uneasy about spending $50 or more because they don't know what to expect—they don't understand the value you are providing. Trendy hairstyles attract only fashionistas, who are limited at best. A new hairdo or color is not high on most people's must-have list.

To attact new clients to our salon, we re-introduced our "Introductory Visit" program from the '70s (recalling a much worse recession and the notion that yes, we weathered it).  A first visit, for example, including a Stylecut and Studio Styling Kit, is a $60 value for only $25.  We're offering a 50% discount on first-time color services.  And we are attracting an average of six new clients every week.

To convert these new clients into regular patrons, we WOW them with a "Hair Styling Experience," something more than a hairdo to which they will look forward at our everyday prices.

Tell us what you're doing to make your salon "recession-proof" in the comments section below!

—George Caroll

George Caroll is a working stylist, salon owner, television personality, beauty columnist, entertainment and beauty industry consultant and award-winning beauty product designer.

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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