Brace for Impact

Brace for ImpactBold color, lively combinations, sheer applications: Spring’s makeup stimulus package emboldens wearers to create an impact. by Karie L. Frost

Let’s be honest—while we watch with a smidgen of anger as big banks reap the benefits of the $787 billion-plus economic stimulus package, we can’t help but wonder, “Where’s our stimulation?” While a few billion pumped into our accounts wouldn’t be too shabby, what’s more realistic is the stimulus package being offered up by spring’s backstage beauty-makers—a makeup package pumped with wow-factor hues that enliven the face, lift the spirits and ensure confidence. “Color cosmetics are amazing: They create energy or give off soothing effects, and make women feel feminine, cheerful, sophisticated, or playful,” opines Mary Swaab, CEO of Colorlab Cosmetics. “Color is important during this economic downturn simply because it stimulates.”

“Certainly the times we’re facing are challenging, and the introduction of bright, playful color provides a feast for the eyes and an inexpensive lift to those who purchase them,” adds Darlene Zembrod, Mirabella Beauty Cosmetics national trainer. “Everyday women can afford a fantastic red, mauve or coral lipstick to give their spirits an added lift.”

And since many trends in beauty tend to echo the times we live in, the brights of spring seem to signify the optimistic view that 2010 is the year for recovery. “As our social and economic environment begins to improve, we’ll see this shift further reflected in the personal expression of artists and designers,” asserts Ryan Cox, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics director of artistry and education. “Bright colors represent brighter days ahead.” So, here’s to spring’s brightest makeup trends—and to a brighter 2010.

Click the PDF version to view spring's top makeup trends: Color Coated, Sheer Hunters, Full Flutter, Apples & Oranges, Summer Lovin' and Glisten Here.


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