Flashback 2001

In celebration of Launchpad’s 10th anniversary, we highlight the good, the bad and the ugly of the past decade.

downloadable tunes arrives.

Legally Blonde: Our fair-hued friends get a shout-out in one of the year's biggest chick flicks.
The Bad:
Death of Aaliyah: R&B starlet Aaliyah dies in a plane crash.
Death of George Harrison: The legendary musician loses his battle against cancer.
Anthrax Scare: The toxic elixir causes uproar throughout the nation.
The Ugly:
Yucker Pucker: Angelina Jolie gives a passionate open-mouth kiss to her brother, James.
Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya and Pink get together for "Lady Marmalade" remake: Not all good style choices were spawned by Moulin Rouge...
Freddy Got Fingered: ...and basically all other Tom Green films. Gross.
Alyson Osterman and Jasmine Mausner
Image: KMazur/WireImage
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