Chic Duality

Runway Report Chic DualityNioxin hairstylist Laurentuis Purnama weaves simplicity and intricacy together for  the Alvin Valley runway.

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Designer: Alvin Valley

Products: Nioxin

When New York designer Alvin Valley met with Nioxin stylist Laurentuis Purnama to discuss his vision for the perfect fall runway coif, Valley mentioned two words: chic simplicity. The hair couldn’t overpower the clothes; theatrics weren’t necessary. Though Valley preferred a simple look, he certainly didn’t want simple to translate to boring.

To meet this request, Purnama came up with a hairdo that built on duality: From the front, the hair parts down the middle and is silky smooth (deceptively simple), and from the back, a labyrinth-like chignon lends a kick of complexity (ultimate chic). “Chignons are always in fashion—the epitome of simple-chic,” says Purnama.

“This style perfectly complements Alvin’s clothes because it adds a beautiful intricacy to the look,” says Purnama. “When the model turns around, you see a flash of braided, woven hair. It provides a multidimensional, textural feel—which perfectly mirrors the textural combos Alvin employs, such as silks with marabou feathers.”

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Purnama first sprayed the model’s hair with Volumizing Reflectives Bliss Thermal Protector for extra lift and definition. After blow-drying, he added Finishing Creme to lend more texture and shine, and wove two herringbone braids at the nape. Purnama then crisscrossed the braids and finished this intricate chignon with a spritz of NioSpray Extra.

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