Fairies of the Forest

Fairies of the ForestPrivé taps into its creative side to fashion crimped tresses for fierce fairies.

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Designer: Sheri Bodell

Products: Privé

If Middle Earth housed fashionista fairies, Sheri Bodell would have crafted their wares. For spring, the Los Angeles-based designer whipped up a collection of slinky mini-dresses bedecked in rustic hardware and jewels, and sent the sexed-up styles down the runway on fairies just back from a romp in the forest.

For Bodell, the theatrics of hair and makeup at her shows hold as much importance as the clothes, and Tami Jensen, lead stylist for Privé, set to work answering the call for “a mystical forest fairy theme,” says Jensen. “We wanted to make each person in the audience feel like they weren’t simply watching a fashion show; but rather, they were capturing the Sheri Bodell look.” This meant loads of kinked volume paired with over-the-top details, such as tree branches and leaves sprouting from the fantastical hairstyles.

Of the raw, crimped texture—a major spring trend—Jensen says, “Some pieces in the line featured feminine, delicate fabrics that Sheri would fray for a bit of off-kilter texture. That’s when the crimping iron came in; we wanted to mimic that texture in the hair.”

To achieve big- time volume, Jensen prepped hair with Privé Root Amplifier and Weightless Amplifier, and then rough-dried the hair. Spritzing Finishing Texture Spray prior to crimping the entire head allowed for a light to medium hold of the kinked style.  “We added branches, leaves and baby powder to make the model look as if she were frolicking around in a mysterious forest,” says Jensen of the final touches. “We love styling hair outside of the box. There’s always something fun about a hairdo that tells  a story or is a conversation piece.”

Score This Look

The Privé products used to create mystical forest fairies:

Root Amplifier: Amplified lift at the roots. 

Weightless Amplifier: Volume and shine. 

Finishing Texture Spray: Added dimension to final style.

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