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Swatch WatchRusk artistic director Sandra Yu takes the ponytail into another dimension with simple fabric swatches at Alexandre Herchcovitch.

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Designer: Alexandre Herchcovitch

Products: Rusk

Axioms, parallel postulates, a finite number of dimensions—seems difficult to wrap the mind around. Yet at Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch’s fall showing, euclidean geometry plays master influencer, with Germany’s Bauhaus modernistic aesthetic and the ever-popular pop art movement serving as lesser inspirations. Fluid silk is draped into standaway, geometric silhouettes, and boxy shapes bring a touch of futurism to the collection.

Is the hair on the same plane? If “X” is equal to the coif’s gloss quotient, and “Y” is equal to beauty innovation, then the finished result—what Rusk creative director Sandra Yu describes as “sleek and clean with a dash of color”—certainly qualifies it as so. Slicked-back tresses join into a  ponytail that features a clutch of hair wound tightly around the elastic. Nothing too fancy here—simply a pony lightly dressed up with shine. Yet Yu loops the ponytail’s end under, folding it neatly to create a perfect circle.

She then references a list of models’ names, featuring notes on who will be wearing which color sash. This is where the style gets interesting. “Alexandre had additional fabric from the collection, and he wanted to incorporate it into the hair,” Yu relates. Fabric swatches range in color and pattern; some are bold, solid hues like coral and teal, while others feature thick, multihued stripes. “Alexandre didn’t want the sashes to match the outfit the girl wears; instead, the sash adds contrast,” Yu explains. “each girl gets a different color to create a slight variety of looks from model to model.”

She laces the silk fabric swatch through the pony’s loop, and secures  the sash flush against the head. the swatch serves to bisect the ponytail’s geometric circle, bringing the euclidean inspiration full…er, circle. or, as Yu puts it in simpler, less mathematical, hair-centric terms, the sash is “a way to take a classic ponytail and turn it into a fun bun with an added cool touch of  modernity.” Theorem proved!

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