Braids Are All The Rage

Braids have been showing up everywhere from the red carpet to the runways, and are definitely no longer reminiscent of a young school girl but rather feature a sophisticated, edgy and modern twist to the past. From looks that are will show off the neckline to headband-chic, there’s something for all ages and all occasions. 

Doreen Guarneri, owner of American Culture, The Look Salon, lets you in on how to easily achieve a modern, upscale braid and how to incorporate braids into your everyday lifestyle.  

French headband braids: think outside the box
This style is so versatile it can be worn to complement a formal occasion or with jeans as a fashion chic statement. Either way, it is easy to create. Just start with a traditional French braid, but begin from either side of the head and work your way across the forehead to wear as a headband. To provide control and staying power, Simply Smooth xtend humidity shield aerosol hair spray will give the staying power that you need to make this ubër cool statement.  Work with little amounts and spray as you go!

Waterfall braids: a new twist on a classic style
The process is very similar to creating a French braid, however the strand than hangs closest to the ground is always dropped out and a new piece is picked up to be braided in. For instance, three strands are separated to begin the braid but you will only add hair to the top strand as if you were French braiding. Instead of weaving the bottom strand in, you drop it and pick up a new section to create the braid. This provides an effect of the hair falling out of the braid.  This style looks best braided from the front of the face toward the back of the head, with the hair hanging out on the sides. Applying Simply Smooth xtend keratin replenishing calming balm on damp hair before you begin the braid will produce control and just the little bit of holding power required.Reverse French braids:  opposites attract
This look will really have them wondering! When the braid is created, Instead of crossing over on top of the hair, you crisscross underneath the hair as you would in a French braid. The affect creates an outward braid as if it were floating on the head as opposed to a French braid which creates an inward woven affect.  Rub a little bit of Simply Smooth xtend keratin replenishing reflection pomade into your hands while you are braiding and add as you go.  This will create separation and definition of your braid.

Fishbone braids: nothing fishy about it
This is so easy to create and looks so sensational! Take a ponytail and divide the hair in two sections. Take an outside piece on the outer most edge of the ponytail and bring it to the middle. Repeat the same thing on the opposite side. Smaller sections create more detail and the ultimate effect looks like ribbing down the hair. To keep hair in place under control while braiding, try braiding on hair that is groomed with Simply Smooth xtend keratin reparative magic potion and leave the hair damp while braiding. This will control flyaway hair and loose ends while producing a fabulous shine.

-Doreen Guarneri


Doreen is a licensed hairdresser whose varied industry experienced over the past 25 years includes the role of salon stylist and colorist, beauty store manager, distributor, platform artist, salon owner and manufacturer. Doreen is also a Master Keratin Artist who provides education on American Culture brands nationally and internationally.

[Top Image: Jupiterimages/Thinkstock, Simply Smooth Images courtesy of American Culture]

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