Construction Delight

Construction DelightAveda and Odile Gilbert cement a texture-complex style at Rodarte.

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Designer: Rodarte

Products: Aveda

Construction workers, take notice: High fashion has its sights on your sites. Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy loosely mix together the rough-hewn nature of Frankenstein’s monster with an unseemly muse: “materials used to construct a house, such as gravel, cement, copper piping, and insulation,” the sisters explain. This translates to fabrics silk-screened to appear like stone; woolly knits packing insulation; and scrap-worked ensembles that mash together mesh, warped leather and rhinestone-studded chiffon. All in all, a mad mélange cemented in texture.

Rather than top off this fashion foundation with an unhip hard hat, backstage fixture Odile Gilbert pieces together a “super-tight,” sideswept chignon that looks like a cluster of bubbles. “I wanted to create something wearable but unique for the modern girl,” Gilbert relates. Working with Aveda, Gilbert sleekens strands with Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener, crafts a deep side part, and gathers hair into a low, tight ponytail. She explains that keeping the hair close to the head allows the style to appear “almost shaved”—a nod to Rodarte’s futuristic bent. Coat upon coat of Air Control Hair Spray flies through the air as Gilbert wraps a thin string around sections of the pony, and then binds them together into an off-center, square-like chignon. “The shapes are simple, but the texture is complex,” asserts Gilbert. —Karie L. Frost

Score This Look

Hammer out bubble-wrapped style with these Aveda products.

Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener: lends strands luminous shine; grants sleek, straight styles

Air Control Hair Spray: imparts flexible hold without dulling hair

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