Colorful Education with Gina Khan

Gina Khan LIVE Nov. 17Gina Khan demonstrates "Haircolor Tips, Trends & Applications" via LIVE, REAL-TIME streaming video on Nov. 17 as part of our Online Salon Series presented by Launchpad and The Colorist.

Launchpad talks with Gina about haircolor, the lifelong education required for a master colorist—PLUS a sneak peak at what she's got planned for the event!

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LP: How long have you been doing haircolor in a salon setting?

GK: I have specialized in color for 23 years.

LP: How long did it take for you to become a master colorist?

GK: It took about five or six years. With that being said, I continue to learn and grow, and to make mistakes! The difference today is that I can fix just about anything that is wrong with someone’s color!

LP: What are some of the things that you did to reach such a respected level of color expertise? Education? One-on-one training? Self-discipline? More?

GK: I am a huge believer in ongoing education. I learn something new every day; I’ve always challenged myself to keep growing as a colorist and an educator.

LP: Because you’re constantly teaching, whether you’re mentoring your staff or coaching thousands of colorists at worldwide events, we would like to know what you believe most budding colorists are lacking in terms of education?  What about more advanced colorists?

GK: I feel that some budding colorists lack a strong foundation in basic color theory. Many lack patience and perseverance. They must learn to walk before they gallop!  Some of the more experienced colorists I have met have lost their passion and are bored. They must challenge themselves so they can continue to grow and make new discoveries.  They must keep the excitement flowing so that they can continue to enjoy their work. I am blessed. I love what I do!
LP: Are there new pro-color challenges in the salon because of the recession? What are they? How do colorists go about upping their skills to meet these challenges?

GK: Obviously, we have all been affected by the recession. Guests struggle with high-maintenance color. In our salon, we focus on low-maintenance color—even covering gray at light levels so that the grow-out is very soft and diffused with dimension. (I will share this tip in detail during our live streaming event on November 17.) Because we believe that “less is more,” our color menu also offers several options for “less is more” highlighting.

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