Smooth Talking

Keratin ComplexFans and foes butt heads on Brazilian keratin smoothing therapies (BKTs).

By Jeryl E. Spear

Brazilian keratin therapies (BKTs) have upended the beauty world in terms of semipermanent smoothing services. Unlike all other smoothing treatments, they not only leave the hair in great condition, but they also allow it to assume the coveted characteristics of naturally smooth or slightly wavy. BKT results can last for up four months before the hair complete reverts to its natural state.

But on the downside, BKTs have also generated more controversy than any other service every offered by salons. Why? There’s a swirl of concern about high concentrations of formaldehyde being key active ingredients—a probable human carcinogen per the Department of Health and Human Services and a known skin, lung and eye irritant.

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