Royal Wedding Final Thoughts

Hey Beauty Launchpad readers, 


I had a blast last week while I was in London for the Royal Wedding. There was a shared excitement among everyone who was there to support Prince William and Kate Middleton. Watching the wedding in the skybox above Westminster Abbey was fascinating! Everyone looked amazing on the ground, especially Kate in her Alexander McQueen wedding gown. 


After the wedding, I headed over to Buckingham Palace where we all waited for the happy couple to take their first kiss as husband and wife. There were so many people gathered for this special appearance, and I wasn’t going to be one to miss the moment. It was truly amazing to see how one wedding could bring so many people together all round the world. 


All said and done, I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts and photos. I have to catch my flight back home now!


Take care,

Nancy O’Dell



I'm in the massive crowd at Buckingham Palace waiting to see Prince William and Kate's first kiss as husband and wife.
























Came across this guard in front of Clarence House. 































On the CBS Early Show with Erica Hill the day of the wedding.

























Kate waves to the crowd as she walks into Westminster Abbey to meet Prince William. She looks amazing!




















The Royal couple exit Westminster Abbey after saying "I do." Now they are on their way to Buckingham Palace for their first kiss as a married couple.

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