Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

“This season, there’s a strong focus on accessories and embellishments in the hair. I’ve never used so many headbands as I have in the last eight months.” —Dean Banowetz















Bubblegum pop, neon-bright colors, carefree enjoyment…is this 1985?

In Bosley Professional Strength’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun, celebrity stylist Dean Banowetz channels the fun and frivolity of the ’80s with a decidedly chic 2010 twist. “First of all, I graduated high school in 1985, so I’m loving all this!” Banowetz exclaims of the texture trend that’s cropping up. “What really got me was that my young assistants were completely clueless on how to achieve these looks! But, it’s their creativity in helping to create the hairstyles that brings a freshness to the collection.” Click on the links below and let the fun begin! —Amy Dodds

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