Postmodern Jazz

Intercoiffure's latest trend release, Postmodern Jazz, hits a high note this season.

“All it takes is a 10% shift, and you have something brand-new, something unconventional and unexpected,” enthuses Scott Cole, fashion director for Intercoiffure America/Canada and artistic director for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color, as he waxes poetic about Intercoiffure's latest trend release, Postmodern Jazz

“In the ’60s, Bob Fosse tweaked conventional dance,”  Cole explains. “It forever changed the way we dance and move. In this collection, I strove to do the same thing for the hair: I started with classic shapes and took them to unconventional levels.” —Amy Dodds

Photographer: Rob Brinson; Hairstylists: Scott Cole, Linda Yodice, Jan Wilson; Haircolorist: Linda Yodice; Makeup Artist: Alvaro Alarcon; Wardrobe Stylist: Kristina Valentino

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