Never On Sunday

EXCLUSIVE! Jason Kearns collaborates with Global Keratin on his latest collection, Never On Sunday.

Thirty years before Pretty Woman made popular the "prostitute with a heart of gold" theme, there was Never On Sunday, a black-and-white Greek film that tells the story of free-spirited Ilya. Inspired by the movie's celebration of independence and youthful beauty, Jason Kearns' portfolio of the same name displays seduction, animation and glamour. Using only products from Global Keratin, Kearns styled hair into neat, feminine waves that undulate gracefully, creating a timeless look that is simultaneously chic and effortlessly fun. —Amy Dodds

Hair, art direction and concept: Jason Kearns, Kearns Davidson Salon, Toronto, ON
Makeup: Heather Allan
Wardrobe: Oglvies Montreal
Glasses: Dior
Photographer: Myron Zabol
Hair Products: Global Keratin

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