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Eric Fisher and I have been friends for over 30 years and have been collaborating as artists since the early days of Aquage’s inception. For both Eric and I, our own unique creative VISION drives each of us to use our abilities and our experience to create styles, collections and images that express our own point of view. For me, as a photographer, I like to describe my personal style as “sensual elegance,” while Eric as a master haircutter describes his style as “Classic with an edge.”

As collaborators and educators over many years, Eric and I realize that VISION is very personal and unique to the individual, while TECHNIQUE, on the other hand, is a pure language that all artists can use to communicate and share ideas without being influenced by personal taste.

By using TECHNIQUE as our communication tool of choice, independent of our own personal vision, we can provide information, share our expertise and inspire other artists to interpret and ultimately to translate and use that knowledge to cultivate their own artistic vision.

After many late night conversations, many lattes and many napkin sketches, for our new Aquge/Biomega collection, we chose the four most USEFUL and EFFECTIVE techniques that virtually anyone can use in the salon to create GRADUATION with speed and proficiency. The collection showcased in this educational DVD, reflects and combines both Eric and my artistic signature to provide the quintessential guide to cutting graduation that hairdressers can utilize to create their own “Elegant, classic, consumer friendly haircuts with an edge”.

VERTICAL GRADUATION: The ideal technique when the goal is to cut a shape that hugs the head and accentuates the underlying bone structure.

HORIZONTAL GRADUATION: The ideal technique to extend or expand the shape created by the protrusion of the occipital bone in the back of the head.

DIAGONAL GRADUATION: The technique of choice when the goal is to influence the hair to flow forward or toward the back.

PIVOT GRADUATION: The ideal technique when the goal is to accentuate the natural protrusion of the occipital in the back and influence the hair to flow forward on the sides.

Plus, because a hairstyle is not complete without proper styling and finshing, we also share with you how to take full advantage of the power of our new Biomega variable-hold system, using BEHAVE Smoothing Elxir, TEXT ME Flexible Taffy and our truly revolutionary SHAKE IT! Volume Boosting Activator to DIAL UP THE VOLUME AND SHAKE IN THE TEXTURE! Youll discover how these three products can be used alone or combined and customized to create virtually any level of hold, texture and strand definition.

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