ICMAD Announces Janet Gurwitch as Special Presenter at the 2012 CITY Awards

The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD) announces that the special presenter for the seventh annual Cosmetic Innovators of The Year - CITY Award will be Janet Gurwitch, creator of Laura Mercier Cosmetics. The CITY Awards honor the year's most innovative products, packaging, and advertising / marketing concepts from the past year.

Named Business Week’s “Top 50 Chief Executive Prospects in the Nation,” Gurwitch will speak on her entrepreneurial spirit and what it takes to make it in the beauty industry. In the late 90’s, she saw the shift in the beauty industry, propelling niche lines to the forefront of the cosmetics business with famed makeup artist Laura Mercier. The combination of Gurwitch’s expertise in business and foresight coupled with Mercier’s talent provided a solid basis for a strong, growing business based on technique and a high-quality product.

Today’s beauty consumer still wants the same, but how has she changed and how does that define a new brand? The CITY Awards celebrates creativity, effort and innovation, and Gurwitch will add to the ongoing message that these traits lead to success. “ICMAD looks forward to welcoming Janet Gurwitch to this special event and know that her story, experience and passion for the industry will be a real joy for all to hear. Her success and insight regarding her successful journey in our industry which continues with new ventures will be exciting for all to hear. We are honored to have Janet at the CITY Awards this year.” says Pam Busiek, CEO & President of ICMAD.


[Image courtesy of Y Public Relations]

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