Malibu Wellness Promotes Jerri Jones

Malibu Wellness, health-based beauty experts and producer of the patented Malibu C formulas, has announced the promotion of Jerri Jones to the Director of Domestic Sales position.  As the prior Educational Director at a progressive beauty school, and as a 15-year-veteran with Malibu C’s sales staff, Jones is comfortable blending beauty educational efforts with superior product distribution.  Indeed, “Jones’s out-of-the-box experience speaks for itself,” said Malibu President, Tom Porter. “Jerri Jones is a role model and professional leader in the salon industry,” he continued.  “She has demonstrated that leadership is based on character rather than a book of methods.”
Jones began her working relationship with Malibu C as a part-time educational contractor, teaching salon and sales representatives the benefits of a wellness-based approach to beauty.  In 1996, she was hired as a full-time sales representative for Malibu and has, in years since, worked her way through Territory, Region and National Sales management positions before her most recent promotion.  Throughout her tenure with Malibu C, Jones has worked tirelessly to develop educational materials, lead marketing programs and direct shows all designed to expand awareness about Malibu’s freshly-activated vitamin formulas.
In her new role as Director of Domestic Sales, Jones will be responsible for setting priorities for field personnel and internal customer service staff who work intimately with beauty professionals and their customers.  She will analyze data trends—like the double digit growth experienced by Malibu in the last three years—and make informed decisions about visions and goals for the company’s future.


Image courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates.

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